The Vision of Crystal Fields Band ~

God gave the gift of music to inspire us deep in our hearts and souls more than mere words can achieve.  Music is a universal language that can either drag us down into deep despair or bring our spirits to new heights.  When God inspires music through the talents He gives us, our hearts are opened to hear His voice and to allow us to be renewed by His Spirit.   If we don't acknowledge God in our lives and efforts and talents, we miss something very profound.  It leaves us on a shallow plane of experience when we listen to music in a carnal sense only.
Music has a miraculous ability to heal our deeper wounds when we allow God to use it to reach us where we are truly injured deep in our minds and spirits.  Crystal Fields Band aims to bring the music that inspires us to hope again and helps us to see life through the eyes of God and His beautiful plans for each one of
our lives.

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