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Jeannie Allen started playing piano when she was just 3yrs old. She has played piano in numorous churches in the DFW area for over 30 years. Her experience includes playing piano at a popular local family restaurant and for numerous bands as well as playing for over 15 churches. After playing for choirs, soloists, congregational hymns, and various trios and quartets, and weddings and celebrations, she finally decided her true joy came from improvising her own arrangements of well-known old hymns as well as her own original compositions. She developed her home-recording studio, New Dreams Sound, and began to record and produce all her own recordings. Jeannie found this freedom to create all her music from beginning to end such a great challenge compared to playing traditional arrangements at the churches she had always played at before. She began to expand her dreams when she decided she would love to bring together her own group of talented musicians to form a band that would explore all kinds of musical styles and genres. So, after inquiring from Dr. John Townsend where she could find a qualified, Christian Life Coach, he referred her to  Arlene Wood, of Pasadena, California.   Arlene was instrumental in helping Jeannie to visualize and write down her dreams and goals.

Since she really loves the Celtic and Irish rhythms and sounds, she decided she would concentrate on that area and expand into American and European folk tunes with a strong emphasis on world drums and rhythms. As a result, Crystal Fields Band was formed beginning in April 2009. The musicians that currently form Crystal Fields Band are very talented and creative people who all bring their own unique ideas and personalities to the mix. "We all have so much fun when we get together for rehearsals and begin coordinating our own ideas for each musical piece we perform." Crystal Fields Band is also expanding into classical jazz, and blues, and favorite old hymns.

 Keyboards/Music Coordinator/Director
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